Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yes Virginia, There is No God

Okay. That's a bit raw. But I have to wonder about the pathological bent of people who feel the need to engage in the drive-by-elucidation. No, I didn't teach my kids there was a Santa Claus ipso facto there is no emotional letdown to follow in the wake of such innocently passed myths. But for pete's sake. You have no idea the state of another child--emotional or otherwise. Perhaps believing in Santa is the best hope they've got--until God reveals himself to them.

And the first email I get telling me that "Santa" is an anagram for "Satan" gets spammed for the rest of their life. . .

But would a newspaper editor of today do what was done so many years ago, by appropriating the very title that I've so blatantly slaughtered for cheap headline fodder? I doubt it. I would post the original article here, but Walter over at Truth, Lies & Common Sense has done it so well.

Sometimes the truth is best delayed until after childhood's magic so quickly fades . . .

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