Sunday, December 05, 2004

That Honesty Will Kill You Every Time

It seems actor Robert Downey Jr.'s respected self-effacing style is getting him in hot water when he turns that honesty toward someone else. Especially when your target is a spoiled little brat like Elton John.

John, who is gay, went on TV to say so numerous times, has given magazine interviews to make sure that we knew so numerous times, and cannot have his name mentioned in a single pop cultural publication without even a passing reference to his gayness. Fine. We know he's gay. Nobody's trying to string him up over the matter. The country is little concerned about who sleeps with him--or that $50,000 hair weave.

Enter Robert Downey Jr. So he goes up to the dais at the Kennedy Center to present an award to him, an makes a little joke about him being another first lady.

Oops. It appears that Elton John has been viciously outed as a homosexual in front of the President of the United States. GW's probably on the red phone to Donald Rumsfeld as we speak (remember, no sissies).

Equality has taken a hit. Not in the area of an increase in jokes about the "beleagured" but in the area of the joked about taking up the gun and riding every time somebody toilet-papers their flower shop with a little teasing. Time to redecorate.

Oh for the days of Sanford & Son. . . I pine for thee.

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