Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mom’s Militant Pro-Choice Involvements Make For Some Really Awkward Birthdays

“We’re always looking over our shoulder,” say kids

Despite the fact that Irma Saline has pushed out more children than a Pez dispenser, her kids never do seem to comfortably reconcile their existence to their mom’s constant mentioning of abortion.

The Saline Family: Children know mom loves them
but worried about the infamous "Pro-Choice Snap."

“Spend a minute with mom, and you’ll find out just how for abortion she is,” says her daughter, Chelsea, 7. “It means everything to her.”

Her brother, Eric concurs: “Every single time I have friends over for a sleep over, she starts giving them ‘the speech.’ Next day at school, I’m getting the third degree about mom and her reproductive smorgasbord. It stinks.”

The children have adjusted to their mother’s constant refrain about how much she loves having complete, unlilateral control over her uterus. But one thing is for certain—the children each bear a significant burden of wondering if, or when, their mother’s vociferous adherence to a “Pro-Choice American” credo will begin to encroach on their right to continue living.

“The problem with mom is, we have never been able to pin her down about where life begins,” said her daughter. “My little brother has an apnea monitor, and I find myself practically checking the electrical cord at 3:00 AM, just to make sure it’s still plugged in. He just stresses her out a little too much sometimes. . . and the thought just creeps me out.”

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