Thursday, January 27, 2005

Democrats To Sue Phil Hendrie Over Kerry Loss

Say his imaginary guests created “the illusion of a plurality” in Ohio

--Los Angeles Syndicated radio talk show host Phil Hendrie is under a legal assault from the Democratic National Committee, claiming that the imaginary supporters he interviewed nearly every night during the election cycle “created the impression amongst fellow democrats that there were more supporters of Kerry than actually existed.”

Hendrie’s show is best described as "radio ventriloquism." His guests, while merely figments of his own imagination, are brought to life with a lightning-fast ability to toggle between a phone receiver and the studio microphone. Those familiar with the show listen vicariously, as unwitting callers phone in to argue against a “guest” whose views are generally polarizing and judgmental. Hendrie will generally take the moral high ground against his own repulsive creation.

The DNC contends that these unwitting caller types are the bedrock of their constituency. Chairperson Nancy Pelosi finds this opportunistic handling of the gullible particularly disturbing. Hendrie, a democrat, supported George W. Bush’s reelection because he believed his own party “didn’t get” 9/11’s larger ramifications. His show premises were structured accordingly, with biting satirical representations of people alleged to either be Kerry supporters, or even campaign staffers.

“I was listening one evening, and there was one of Phil’s ‘voices,’” she said. "and there was this guy named Jeff Dowder claiming that Bush’s economic policies had cost him his job, and thus forced him to assume a lifeguard position, all the while lying about his knowledge of CPR.”

As the show progressed, the guest revealed that an eight-year-old boy had drowned on his watch, and that his “job description ended at the water’s edge.”

“People really believed it,” she said, “and it made Kerry supporters sound like a bunch of kooks, hung up on union ideals.”

On another occasion, Doug Danger, who identifies himself repeatedly as “a gay man and a gay journalist,” was claiming that he “has a certain gay intensity that would turn any Bush supporter,” and that his job was to intimidate people into voting for Kerry with his “gay eye.”

“This is why we have to sue,” said Pelosi. “Because Bush’s Ohio victory was clinched in the fog of Hendrie’s existentialist obstructioneering.”

Radio Host, Phil Hendrie--accused
of making democrats think Kerry had
more support than he did--by making up
on-air supporters.

Pelosi, her grass roots interaction
with people like veteran
Lloyd Bonafaide(not pictured)
are what brought Hendrie's outrages
to light

Other characters included high school football coach Vernon Dozier, who was giving Kerry his vote “because Bin Laden told him to,” and, to add insult to injury, southern California homeowner, Bobbie Dooley, who, in the wake of the election results, said, “Blacks should do the rioting because that’s what they do.”

“We cannot publicly support such a position,” said Pelosi. “This man cost John Kerry the presidency, and while we have no illusions of overturning these dubious election results, we can at least make Mr. Hendrie’s professional life uncomfortable.”

Pelosi says that, while the DNC will be the official plaintiff in the suit, that original complaint has come from ordinary citizens. “Had it not been for the circumspect talents of people like veteran Lloyd Bonafide, restaurateur Ted Bell, bus driver Mavis Leonard and military cadet RC Collins, we’d have never fully understood the level’s of Mr. Hendrie’s deception.”

Future campaign finance legislation will bear the names of these whistle-blowers.

I’ve spoken with each at length on the phone, and I can tell you, these people are the real thing.” Pelosi said.

Phile Hendrie's show is broadcast on WKBN 570 AM inYoungstown, and WCKY 1360 AM in Cincinnati., Ohio. His show is also syndicated in states not involved in the lawsuit.

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