Monday, July 10, 2006

Frisch Claiming Own Resignation A Zionist Plot

Claiming Jews booby-trap children with lesbian-sensitive threat receptors

Tuscon--Former University of Arizona professor, Deborah Frisch, who resigned in the wake of allegedly making threatening comments to the two-year old child of uber-blogger, Jeff Goldstein, is claiming that she was "set up by those who secretly sport the hooked proboscis."

Frisch was interviewed by The Therapist, while taking a break from the whirlwhind vortex of academia by returning to a more domesticated recreation: arts and crafts.

"It's entirely relaxing," said Frisch, "But I haven't gotten that overall sense of solace yet. You try photo-shopping a Count Chocula box and see if it doesn't pose a problem for the uninitiated. I'm just off my game here. I've been wearing the pants in this family for quite some time, if you know what I mean."

As to the alleged "threats," as claimed by Goldstein, along with many of the on-line patrons that frequent his website?

"It's all a bunch of hymie mudslinging," she said. "They brainwash their toddlers into being threatened by people like me. You never know when one of those filthy little Semites is going to run up on you and drop a K-Bomb into your mouth--I mean you know they train their children to put words into your mouth, right?"

Fisch said her ensuing resignation was also part of the "fabric that is woven into the giant, Zionist quilt that will one day cover the land like a . . . um, blanket."

"I quit because that's what they wanted." she said. "Just ask ward Churchill."

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