Monday, June 12, 2006

On The Radio

Assuming no logisitical issues, I am to be on:

97.1 FM in St. Louis at 7:10--That's 5:10 California time.

I have a favor to ask any benevolent soul that may have the time or inclination to listen online. I will be standing outside a rainy hotel room doing this interview from my cell-phone, and will not be able to listen to it myself. If someone could possibly record it for me, I'd be ever so grateful.

being that I'm on the road, so not much will be posted here until Wednesday.

(Posted From Old Time Coffee Shop, Eureka, Ca.)

UPDATE: That went really well, I think, despite the fact that I was standing in a "non-descript Safeway parking lot" in Crecent City at 4:45 in the morning waiting for a production hookup. Sounds like a fun show, even without my twisted ruminations. I hope to become a regular part of the news scheme there, should they ever want me around.

Oh, and the recording will be up in a few days. They were on the ball in that department for me as well.

The "Broadstrata" submissions are rolling in. I'll get to the tomorrow, when I get back to the home base.

--The Therapist

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