Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Proof That All The Wrong Kennedy's Get Killed

If evolution were true, then literary Darwinism would do us a favor here.

Mr. Kennedy would have you believe that Haley Barbour's role in defeating the Kyoto confab is responsible for the flooding, not the logisically absurd decision to build a city nine feet below sea level.

What an inbred.

Please, read the comments by all the Hyannis-Port suck-ups.

I understand that this progenic dungheap would issue a retraction, but he's most likely indisposed, looting a children's hospital in New Orleans.

UPDATE: Brilliant reader, Jeff, posts the following comment:

"You must understand of course the absolute moral authority held by the Kennedys to discuss anything that is 9 feet below sea level."

That--I did not see coming. Out of the park. Just for that, I've written this little bit over at Huffington's Toast.

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