Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, It's Quiet Time For You

Honest. I could expend great creative energy to say this nut job has lost all sympathetic equity with me, but why, when my good friend John has done so right here?

This is the funniest graphic I've seen to date with regard to this yammering mourn-merchant.

I'd like to thank John for making my job easier today. I haven't had much sleep recently anyway.

I promise, she's really, really nuts. A complete magnum opus in squirrel-baithood, folks. Read the comments from all the suck-ups who think we're in Iraq to steal oil.

From now on, anybody who prefaces their criticism of Cindy Sheehan with "I grieve with you for your son, but . . ." now goes into the "suck-up" category with me.

Why? because she's one step away from licensing a souvenir shop on his Arlington plot, that's why. As they say, "The publicity whore doth protest too much."

Actually, "they" didn't say it. I did.

And I wonder why I'm banned from commenting on Arianna Huffinton's site.

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