Monday, August 29, 2005

Recording Artists Thanking God In Liner Notes Ignoring Him In Music

Reuters--A recent study has concluded that most popular recording artists, whose liner notes are rife with references to God, are generally seen ignoring him in the actual songs the artists continually thank him for helping him create.

"Many of these people are fervent followers of Christ," said one analyst. "They just get their bread and butter by flying in his face when they go out on stage."

Many well-known artists, such as Prince, acknowledge a direct relationship with the God who decries their rampant bisexual forays, bacward-tracked, sacreligious messages, and gender-bending lyrical confusions. Others, such as country singer Vince Gill, prefer to marry other crossover artists like Amy Grant, and just dilute their profession of faith in the public eye; such as Gill's latest hit, "It's hard to kiss the lips at night (That chew your *** out all day long)."

"The artist is a complicated entity," said one media observer. "On the one hand, they lay hold to the redeeming power of the Lamb, and on the other they hack away at his authority. We can expect no less from those we look to simultaneously for guidance and debauchery."

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