Thursday, August 25, 2005

Interview With Bob Eubanks

Bob: And who should I sign this book to?

Me: To Ron, thank you.

Bob: There you go, have a nice . . .

Me: Mr. Eubanks, could you also sign this picture for David?

Bob: Sure (signs pic), have a nice . . .

Me: Would you also sign this playing card? I'm a magician too and . . .

Bob: Sure, sure(signs quickly) have a nice . . .

Me: Also, could I get a picture with you?

Bob: Sure.

Me: (turning to the girl behind me--her name is Lisa) Would you take it for me?

Lisa: How do you work this?(looking through battery terminal while inadvertantly pressing shutter button)

Me: (pointing to viewer window) It's right *POOF* . . . there . . . thank you.

Lisa: No problem.

The Therapist would like to thank Mr. Eubanks for his time and preparation.

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