Monday, August 22, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Plans Spontaneous Trip Back To Crawford

Bush issues timetable for leaving ranch

Washington--As tens of people gather at the Crawford Texas property in support of peace mother, Cindy Sheehan, it is Sheehan herself who says the spontaneity index will be increasing sharply in the near future.

Sheehan, whose son died in the Iraq conflict in April of 2004, suddenly appeared outside the Bush vacation ranch and began protesting. Numerous networks coincidentally in the area started coverage that grew exponentially, everyday reporting Ms. Sheehan's spontaneous protests. The grieving mother was forced to leave the site last week, when reports surfaced that her own mother was suffering from a stroke.

She now says that another spontaneous appearance at the ranch is imminent.

"After seeing Joan Baez spontaneously show up with her band, I knew it was in the cards," said Sheehan. "To have tens of tens of people telling George W. Bush that hegemony is over. We want this ranch that doesn't belong to us back!"

President Bush, while not directly acknowledging Sheehan's request to see her for a seond time, did submit a comprehensive timetable for leaving the Crawford Ranch.

"Sometime before the next few weeks are concluded," said Whitehouse spokesman, Mike McClellan. "We will not stipulate exactly when, because that will only make the protests louder, before they go away completely."

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