Monday, August 15, 2005

Announcement (not satire)

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I am truly interested in expanding my traffic, drawing advertisers, and making a nom-de-plumish name for myself at this. My problem is, is that I maintain a very healthy status quo, and yet sites that (in my opinion only) fall far under the qualitative caliber of this satire blog—ones started after I started mine and post far less than I do—are trumping me in the numbers game.

I am making an active change here--one I have attempted to do before, and yet only really discussed with my friend, John, at Wazzadem: I am going to start linking other blogs with related material.

I cannot do this within the main frame of most of my stories, but despite the fact that my blog is utterly ridiculous, it is still highly topical. Oh yeah, now and then I'll hit a cultural button, but mostly, I'm gunning at the hypocritical media's take on salient matters..

So, in the tradition of a Michelle Malkin, I am going to start dealing with "related posts." Some of these will be early posts of mine, which are some of my best, yet were read by only a few at the time, along with those with the heart to plow through the convoluted labyrinth in which my archival mostrosities now lurk.

So, those of you who frequent this blog and have related material, send it to me. I'll link whatever strikes me (just like all of my stuff apparently doesn't strike Michelle Malkin anymore). For now, my frequent flyers get priority, as you are the only reason I am continuing at this point. But all will be considered.

I try to read everybody on my blogroll, but you all know how that goes after a while. If I don't link you, please do not take offense. Every blogger has to make editorial decisions, even the small ones like mine.

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