Monday, August 08, 2005

Belafonte Dons Colin Powell Costume, Flogs Effigy Of Self

Howard Dean wrestled to ground, given precautionary rabies shots

Atlanta, Ga.--Speaking before a captive audience Saturday at an Atlanta civil rights march, Calypso singer Harry Belafonte illustrated what he called the "tyrants" of the Bush Administration, by flogging a scale effigy of himself while dressed as former Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

"Mr. Powell may have left the plantation, but he still has a cat of nine tails stashed in that cummerbund," he said to rapturous applause, while drawing faux blood from his own aesthetic doppelganger. "Whip the boy, Mr. Secretary. Whip him good and hard."

Overcome with an almost euphoric cohesion with Belafonte's remarks, DNC Chairman, Howard Dean charged the podium and tried to put Belafonte's mock-Powell in a full nelson, screaming for Sen. Robert Byrd to "bust his kidneys." Dean was wrestled to the ground by security and taken to a Georgia hospital, where he is undergoing an arduous and painful series of precautionary shots to stem the tide of rabies.

Many at the event said the day was "unbelievable."

"It was all fine and good, with Calypso Harry whipping up on the scarecrow," said one bystander. "But then this crazy cracker comes flying out of nowhere with that pot-bellied conehead. I've put caps in people for less."

Belafonte is expected to add the political visual aid to his shows. Other incendiary demonstrations include Belafonte dressed as Lincoln, killing Huck Finn and trading Jim the Slave for two tickets to Our American Cousin, and Thomas Jefferson forcing sally Hemmings to keep her baby.

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