Saturday, July 02, 2005

Huffington's Toast Update

In case you were unaware, I've also been moderately busy penning pithy columns over at the infamous Huffington's Toast.

No, I have not identified myself over there. But I will here.

My "Guest columns" over there include Sen. John Edwards' "I'm Channeling Moses Right Now, And He Agrees With The Court," Howard Dean's "Just Never You Mind Those Red Chinese Sailing Off California," and a rather uncouth an unfortunate foray on my part, Sen. Arlen Specter's "I Was Hoping To Live Long Enough To Obstruct A Bush Court Pick."

It should have also become clear that I have adopted the larger theme of "guest columns" as a way to, quite frankly, offset the mundane task of creating pure satire. Despite the satisfaction I feel after nearly every entry, and also despite the fact that this comes(to the frustration of many hard-working bloggers) very easy for me. redundancy, however, can have me rooftop with a high-powered rifle as quick as anybody else. That is why I am trying to find legitimate ways to break up the patterns, without sacrificing conviction or quality.

Suggestions are also welcome.

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