Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brian Williams: Declaration Of Independence Really A Glorified Ransom Note

Says Jefferson ruthlessly threatened King George with moving away

Washington--Stirring an already-boiling pot of pre 4th of July controversy, NBC's Brian Williams made a third-person comparison of the founding fathers to the terrorists who kidnapped American diplomats in 1979.

"Some are critical of all the media attention to Mahmed Ahmadinejad," said Williams on his blog, as well as his broadcast reiteration with co-host, Andrea Mitchell. "And one could argue the germaneness all day, but many believe that Thomas Jefferson may have hijacked stuff while smelling just plain awful."

Williams' argument contends that the English crown may have viewed the founding fathers in a terrorist light.

"The analogy fits," he said. "Except that Jefferson didn't kidnap innocent people and blindfold them to embarrass Jimmy Carter. But he did manage to write that big old ransom note with twenty-seven draconian demands. So let's just say my analogy is schematically correct."

Williams also noted that the ransom note is a "integral part" of the National Archives, and that "tens of thousands of people flock to see it every year."

"I don't think Ahmedinejan's 444-day Bunker Hill is going to get its own shrine any time soon," Said Williams. "Not unless cooler heads prevail."

Williams also noted the "established historical duress" under which Jefferson placed King George III, by virtue of his ominous pamphleteering.

"Threaten a man with moving away from him, and you've paralyzed him," said Williams. "King George didn't stand a chance."

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