Friday, May 27, 2005

McCain Has Own Children Appraised On Antiques RoadShow

Looking for creative ways to circumvent McCain/Feingold for '08 presidential bid

First the electorate, and now the whelps:
McCain poses with his cash cows, and
political collateral.

Washington--Arizona Senator John McCain gave new life to rumors he will seek the Republican nomination for the 2008 election cycle, by having his seven children appraised by Sotheby's representatives on PBS', Antiques Roadshow.

Analysts say the senator has” myriad hills" to climb financially, as his much-championed McCain/Feingold campiagn finance legislation seal the majority of by-name campaigning within the purview of the media themselves. Strict limitations on direct contributions to a candidate has forced many to find creative ways to reaise money.

"He has four children at home," said one analyst. But even semi-grown children can fetch a hefty price in the Indonesian sweat-shop market, and well, John really, really wants to be president."

Sotheby's placed an "at-auction" proce of around two million dollars on each of the children, after preliminary DNA tests proved their authenticity.

McCain's penchant for moderation and groundbreaking compromise are traits believed to be inherent in his children as well. Some even believe they would place themselves on political consignment for their father, without any coercion whatsoever.

"Anything to deprive the real conservatives of a victory," said one analyst. "John will do whatever it takes to undo his own accomplishments. That's the kind of man he is."

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