Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Million Dollar Baby" Keeps Feeding Tube At Oscars

Hilary Swank's character euthanized at end of movie

Eastwood and Swank, whose chraracter
dies from euthansia in a surprise ending

Los Angeles--Pugilistic/euthanasia flick Million Dollar Baby, walked away with four Oscars, for best picture, best director(Clint Eastwood), best supporting actor(Morgan Freeman), and best actress(Hilary Swank).

Hollywood executives have applauded the Academy's brave foray into controversial politics--in that Hilary Swank's character is killed off by abortive remedy at the film's conclusion.

Conservative film critic, Michael Medved, has come under heated critism himself, as he took the occasion of his column to give away the surprise ending of the film--the one where Hilary Swank's character is dispatched into eternity by overt means.

"I really did expect this movie, the one where Swank's character dies, to do well at the Oscars, and I was vindicated," says Medved. "And just because an unexpected twist of a father icing off his daughter at the film's denouement may not sit well with some, I believe the Academy on the whole has the mettle to rise above the polemics."

Swank appeared herself, but not in character, as her character dies in the movie's surprise ending.

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