Thursday, March 03, 2005

Harvard Chief: Women More Likely To Protest Biological Hypotheses Than Men

Boston--Embattled Harvard president, Lawrence Summers, whose recent remarks regarding women in the sciences have caused a furor, said today that his remarks "prove that women are more biologically prone to academic rage." Summers also is rumored to have "taken the pot" in a huge office pool, in which the majority believed that his remarks would pass as the usual, thought-provoking kind of ordinance expected from a University head.

Summers: Remarks about female academic
rage self-vindicating. Most protesters break down
in tears before actually confronting him.

Faculty members claim they bet against him "in theory," despite their admissions to believing Summers' remarks would "pull the DNA trigger" in academic females.

Summers’ remarks intimated that intrinsic differences between the sexes might play a bigger role than culture in determining the disproportionate number of men in the sciences. Summers is expected to face the specter of a no-confidence vote in the wake of these remarks by his own colleagues--who may actually agree with him.

Won't be finding a cure for anything soon:
Maudlin calls for Summers' dismissal trump
the sciences for these cerebral discriminees
(Photo courtesy of Sondra K., via "The Rodge")

One unnamed man said, "In the back of my mind, I knew the minute his hypothesis was layed out, that the biological inability to deal with biological theories would kick in. I took a 35 to 1 marker with my side-bet on this. Somebody can have my science job now. But they’re going to have to put down their picket signs and pick up a pencil."

Summers' original remarks were not stated as fact, but only as a "what if" offering of food for thought. His thoughts about academic rage, however are practically borne out in the process itself, as Summers will have to navigate through a wall of hysterical scientists waving "men are pigs" hypotheses to get to his hearing.

"I don't in anyway mind these inherent protests," said Summers. "I have a congenital appreciation for them myself."

A BIG Thank you to my blog-buddy, Sondra K. who tracked the protester pic down for me.

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