Monday, September 12, 2005

Robinson: Brief Electrical Outage In Los Angeles Underscores The Thin Line Between Civility, Stoplight Cannibalism

Los Angeles—Civil rights activist, Randall Robinson, said that today’s brief-but–widespread power outage in Los Angeles placed resident “moments away” from crossing the culinary Rubicon—the one that suspends reason, and causes one human being to feast upon another.

“You look at your neighbor at the blinking red four-way, and you think you would never invade their space,” he says, “But if pushed to the limits of a lunch hour, truncated by backed-up traffic, missed deadlines, and non-registering time clocks, you will close you eyes and duck in.”

Robinson said that African Americans were forced to eat each other in New Orleans, in a reactionary response to a slow, race-based response to the predominantly black victim base stranded at the Superdome.

UPDATE: Robinson has since regurgitated his claims that some had availed themselves to New Orleans Trail Mix.

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