Saturday, September 10, 2005

Flight 93 Memorial Designer To Lend Creative Talents To New Orleans

Proposal to be called the “Ligature Of Lamentations”

Though far less realized, Murdoch's post-Katrina memorial could be up and running by the time the water is bilged out of the city, presumably by early October. Controversy still surrounds the Flight 93 memorial, which celebrates the lives of the 44 people killed by Islamic terrorists

New York—The man in the middle of the controversial, Flight 93 memorial is extending his prolific creative talents southward.

Paul Murdoch, architect of the disputed “Crescent of Embrace” has also made a galley proposal to New Orleans officials, called the “Ligature of Lamentations.”

Critics say the memorial’s architectural basis gives on the feel of a noose—the type of strangulation device use to lynch African Americans less than 100 years ago.

“If one wants to parse long enough, I suppose I could see anything in that diagram, “says Murdoch. “But again, those that want to impute negative significance to this will do it no matter what I say about it.”

Murdoch says the memorial’s elliptically-shaped and segregated wading pool symbolizes the “endless circles” FEMA authorities were seen running in during the first hours of the crisis.

“To see anything other than that is just preposterous. Nest thing you know, they’re going to say the wading pool is insensitive by itself.”

Murdoch’s Shankville, Pennsylvania memorial design is still in dispute, as some say they can see a similarity between Islam’s red crescent, and the red crescent shape of the memorial, which uses the name “Crescent” in its title.

“If they get away with censoring this,” he says, “Then they’ll be able to stop me from marketing my acrylic, Anne Frank Attic Storage units. And that’s a day I don’t want to see.”

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