Thursday, September 08, 2005

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Good Morning America
Transcription Dept., New York
Opening Segment

(Introductory strings, minor modality with end-of-the-word urgency. Flashes of squalor, disembodied homeless residents, and children)

Charles Gibson: (in standard, two-piece attire in studio) A people in shock, attempting to recover the scraps of their lives with a hand of help extended four days too late. For others, however, that helping hand became the Digits—that Drowned, and people are demanding answers. This is Good Morning America, and I’m Charles Gibson. My partner, Diane Sawyer, is down in New Orleans—sans makeup—to bring you first-person coverage of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Diane?

Diane Sawyer: (wearing boots and jeans, with the classic “rolled-up sleeves” look to show the disparate attitudes between Bush Administration officials and network correspondents) That’s right Charlie. One cannot second-guess the scope of such a tragedy until one has come down here with all their shots and bottle of Evian. Everyone I speak with down here on the ground comeback with the same sad refrain: WHY was the aid so late in coming, HOW did race play a role in the relief effort, and WHY—in America—were people forced into(empathetic nodding) raping the involuntary. I’m going to be speaking with Michael Chertoff a bit later about the government’s level of responsibility in the area of conjugal provisions for those accustomed to a never-ending supply of sexual participants. Back to you, Charlie.

Charlie Gibson: Thank you Diane, now . . .we turn to Houston, where things, while chaotic, have managed to find some semblance of order. Bob Woodruff is on the scene down there, Bob?

Bob Woodruff: Good morning, Charlie, you are indeed correct—but let’s not get too far out on a limb by assuming that food and shelter provisions preclude the real horrors here at the Astrodome: the 37 arrests for drunk and disorderly behavior. One observer interrupted our camera crew to tell us, “Please snd Mr. Bush a message, and that message is you failed to kill Ray Nagin with your hurricane.” Emotions are running high here, Charlie. Provisions, while present are meager here, and many are no longer waiting on the federal government to help. There are little pockets of individuality springing up all, with ad hoc entrepreneurs hauling in beer by the truckloads. Charlie?

Charlie Gibson: Thank you Bob. We now turn to White House correspondent, Terri Moran, for more on the growing, if somewhat farfetched, theory that Mr. Bush was indeed trying to kill Mayor Ray Nagin through an external control on the whether. Terri?

Terri Moran: (in front of White House) Charlie, the theories keep coming, and despite the fact that a single man cannot control the creation, trajectory, or magnitude of e category 5 hurricane, none of that matters to theeese people—who sincerely believe that the Bush Administration attempted what tacticians call a “Decapitation effort” an attempt to kill the authoritative head of a city before putting boots on the ground. While many analysts, off the record, believe these theories are at best weak, one thing is for certain—these people believe it, and any and all attempts by the white house to feed black people only raises more questions than answers. Charlie?

Charlie Gibson: Thank you, Terri. Don’t forget, or continuing coverage tonight, as Ted Koppel examines the question “Did federal officials deliberately pick a Caucasian name for this hurricane?” That’s tonight on Nightline, check your local listings. We'll be right back after a look at your local weather.

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