Friday, September 02, 2005

Randall Robinson's Thought Processes Found Floating On Bourbon Street

Civil Rights magnate, Randall Robinson, would have you believe that people of color have been EATING the corpses of other people.

I for one stand in awe of Mr. Robinson. It amazes me how quickly a civil rights activist will staple the most repugnant sterotypes to their own race in the name of political expediency.

Nice work, though. Now that you've sucked all the hyperbolous air out of the room, Jesse Jackson's going to really have to work to beat that one out.

Tsst. Tsst. Should have save the Cannibalism Card for another day. Given it some time. Even the Donner's were loathe to admit it until long after the ordeal. I somehow bet I'll see the "grubbers" sitting with you on Bill Moyers before the water is siphoned from the French quarter.

I actually like Liberal Larry's take on this more than my own.

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