Friday, September 02, 2005

Jesse Jackson To Deliver "Sunken City In A Hole" Keynote Speech At 2008 Convention

With just over three years remaining until the 2008 Democratic convention, Jesse Jackson has already been tapped to deliver the keynote speech as Democrats salivate over using Hurricane Katrina's diplacement of thousands of African Americans.

"We hab, un goden oppetubity," he said. "To idustrate da brawd dubishons bewteen dhose of culuh, and da white main."

Jackson also noted that, while he maintains a chasmic disagreement with Ronald reagan's policies, that he does intend to "sampol and reconfigyuh" Reagan's most profound reference to America--the "Shining City on a Hill."

"If duh wedge-issue's fly, you must buy," he said, handing out galley copies of his initial thoughts--said to potentially galvanize the Democratic party, and unite race baiters:

The Sunken City In A Hole

By Rev Jesse Jackson

In this city ignored by despots and filled with dissastisfication,
I see my brothers stealing, raping and pillaging.

Yet, the man in the big white house just says "it wrong." Just like Nancy Reagan told us not to put the crank up our noses. Heads of chowder know nothin' of the powder.

My mama taught me, "If you gonna rape Jesse, you better make sure it's to save your life. Rapin' aint a sin if you need it to live. Also, it's never right to take food and water from nobody. The Lord sure gonna put you in the Hell for that one."

I've never forgotten that, and I say to the self-appointed judges and juries, don't judge the rapist until you've walked a mile in his Ben Davises. The Pimps lost houses too. Probably their girfirend's houses, but they still lost houses.

All I see is the despair; the olive-drab, concave beacon of pessimisim and division, like the great sage once said, Like a "Sunken City in a Hole," we can, like the Phoneix of failure, go even further down the abyss of indifference.

And God Bless Johnnie Cochran. At least it aint humid where he is.

Jackson admits to the need for serious editorial tinkering, but that 'the basic nut of despair" is already present, and will only require more inflammatory language Blaming Bush for the hurricane outright

Note: This is a further tribute to the race-baiting media, who care as little for the black man's actual plight as Jesse Jackson does. Both are credit-lined johns at the whorehouse of political opportunity. -T

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