Friday, September 30, 2005

Live Blogging My Hate Mail

I just received this kind missive from some Chervil-something-or-other:

Entertainer? Comedian?

In what universe?

And, didn't DeLay look delightful as the put-upon victim? He doesn't do pious at all well, does he?

You are living proof that the ability to use the English language is not directly correlated with intellectual prowess.

To which I have just responded:

"And, didn't DeLay look delightful as the put-upon victim? "

That'll be "acquitted" victim to you.

To which this squirrel-bait has responded thus:

Yeah, I'm so laughing over here. Let's see, three reprimands from the Ethics commmittee in the past year... Associated with numerous individuals facing other
indictments... Incapable of articulating an original thought... Hmmm....

Yeah, I really admire Tommie Boy. NOT!!!

Are you seeking treatment for your HUB syndrome?

Of course I retorted in kind:

Let's see, Plagiarists, vehicular man slaughterers, and democrats that sneak sensitive documents out of the pentagon in their pants.

Wow, those three reprimands really do sit in sharp relief to the tepid cadre of boy scouts in your party. What was I thinking?

Now go away.

Loser. Not a creative bone in his or her body. sad.

Oops, seems I misspelled a word. Now I'm against the ropes. Don't hit me, Forrest!

The word is plagiarists.

You have NO idea what is my party affiliation. You are making unfounded assumptions.

Fortunately, I WON'T go away. I intend to address your divisiveness just as vehemently as I am addressing the divisiveness of others, regardless of their party affiliation.

If you could but TRY to effectively convince me that Tom DeLay is above reproach.

Let's see... If it quacks like a duck... If it walks like a duck... If it smells like a duck...

I can't keep up with cement head here. I just emailed them the link to the fact that I'm posting, and I've received two more emails:


Yeah, you have epitomized creativity with that blog!!!

Thanks for the relentless levity!

Phew! I love a good belly laugh.

And of course the final bullet to my intellectual head:

Received... are you familiar with spell check?


STILL so laughing over here...

The short bus is on the way. Everyone, please thank this reader for their patronage at I'm sure they'd love to hear from you, since they're not going away and all.

I am amazed, that the same nitwit can say "unfounded assumptions" and " Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!" in the same argument, and not expect me to call for the lab coats and the cache of Haldol syringes.

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