Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kanye West To Ride Short Bus To Telethon Appearances

New Orleans--R&B and Rap producer/star, Kanye West has been granted his own "short bus for special people" by the Red Cross, say insiders with the organization.

Organizational insiders note that West's on-air indictment of President Bush during a Red Cross fundraiser created "such a passionate bubble of individuality" that West would be better served with his own bus, as opposed to sharing the transportational burdens with other celebrities.

Sources say that West's philanthropic travels will also include a full-time reading tutor, so as to help the star differentiate between malicious media captioning, and the stylistic chasm between two entirely different media agencies.

West's publicists said the star was” humbled," and planned to write a rap about it.

"That's the only way he can establish a cogent thought" he said.

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