Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jesse Jackson Calls For Changing Superdome Name To “Amistadium”

Freuters—The Rev. Jesse Jackson, seemingly on a roll with an endless array of slave-era euphemisms to describe the plight of African Americans in the wake of hurricane Katrina, has called for authorities to rename the New Orleans Superdome.

“When I see the those walls, I see the hull of a slave ship,” said Jackson. “When I see those advertising banners and championship pennants surrounding the perimeter, I see a circumspect black man sitting in the crow’s nest. When I see the putrid, scurvy, urine-soaked squalor inside that stadium, I think of Danny Glover’s acting. I mean I think of the infamous slave ship, Amistad.”

Jackson noted that the federal government’s controversial handling of the crisis has “forever galvanized” the stadium in negative terms, and that cause for the renaming was not only “politically imperative,” but “morally and spiritually mandated by God.”

Jackson said an appropriate name for the coliseum would be “Amistadium.”

“Though rising from the ashes of callous indifference to the plight of the black man,” said Jackson, “we feel as African Americans that a certain, anachronistic solidarity with our brethren in captivity, by remaining captive to the hurricane fallout at a place that I have compared to a slave ship.”

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