Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Howard Dean: The Turtle Firefighter Finally Makes It To The Conflagration

What's it been, Nearly a week? Every moonbat (I believe this is the first time I've ever actually used that phrase here), conspiracy goof, and apoplectic pile of squirrel bait that can demagogue black people over hurricane Katrina has weighed in with their "Race vs. Aid" ratios.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s got Haley Barbour smacked up with the stigmata over Kyoto. Sidney Blumenthal's gaseous screeds have been orally pamphleteered by the press until it begins to sound like a tivo'd vocal group performing in three states by conference call.

Bit by bit, those with the paralyzed cerebellums started piling on like a rhetorical Tailhook incident. Pierce Brosnan tossed an effeminate molotov martini from Paris. Robert Redford grunted some anti-American gibberish from that tent-taut gorbutit of his. Even Angelina Jolie managed to eclipse that luminescent face of hers with a low-flying cloud of stupidity.

And let's not forget my personal favorite: Randall Robinson. A man who actually reached into the democratic bag of tricks and whipped out the most pulsating, vascular bit of racial nastiness possible: He said some of his own people were low-impedence cannibals. What I appreciated about Robinson's decision to floor the gas pedal and drive the car right into the crowd is that it stunned everyone else. How in the world does the newest critic get out in front of the cannibal card?

So here comes Howard Dean with his paper-armed salvo about race. Speaking before a body of people who are never accused of blurring the lines between separation of church and state, National Baptist Convention of America, Dean very pitifully sounded somewhat similar to Ron Popeil, announcing to post-millennial world that he'd invented the oven mitt.

This is the creative Goliath the Dems have heaped to themselves? At least Mayor Nagin's found the "they want to kill me" arrow in his waterlogged quiver of blame.

Dean's just Dean. Dean of Gath. The overpriced, overfed, vociferating thug pointing to the stony brook.

The sling is practically self-swinging.

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