Tuesday, September 20, 2005

AOL's Totally Objective Polling Science

Every single time I log on to my AOL account, the headline page has some kind of ticker running across it that basically says, "more bad news for Bush/Bush continues to fail, fail fail," etc. On and on and on it goes, ad nauseum.

But the worst are these unscientific opinion polls. They are always skewed left, and they always provide an all-or-nothing kind of scenario, in which it becomes much easier to give a negative rating to anybody to the right of Stalin. That is why I was surprised to see them leaving this one up to be read by God and man at Yale:

You will notice, that they attempted to provide a secondary lightning rod for Nagin, by inserting that dread Bush's name into the scenario. For this particular excercise, it failed. I was surprised, because the general AOL readership seems to populated with magna cum laude graduates in People Magazine.

I wholly expect to see the following polls in the next few days, as recompense is never far behind with these people:

Or even:

I'll keep you posted. They've probably taken this one down by now.

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