Friday, September 16, 2005

Some Deference To Solid Skill

Take a look at this comic strip:

As Chris Muir makes his ascent up the front side of the six-millionth visitor plateau, a guy like me can take a bit of personal satisfaction in the fact that a guy as presumably busy as him would take time to write a brief-but-complimentary note in my comments section.

I read Day By Day, and I read it every day. I can do that because Chris has a new panel up every single day, without exception.

Unlike the schizophrenic temperament of the majority of the blogosphere, Chris’s characters have actual biographical merit. He also has to maintain a continuity to them, as audiences to such work are not only sharp, but can detect even the slightest incongruity—one inconsistent blip on the biographical radar, and his email box will go on “TILT.”

Though I consider myself a strong writer, writing comes exceptionally easy for me. But people that can distill into a few words what requires a thousand word screed from me is a talent unto itself. Factor in the artwork, and the task becomes gargantuan--the very thought of maintaining such a work fatigues my imagination. I have never understood the political cartoonist, and what kind of tireless tenacity they must have in their life to keep drawing, writing, angling, and creating.

I, on the other hand, get to go camping this weekend, and I will not blog again until Sunday. Chris may have some strategic way to avail himself to these ad hoc derelictions, but I doubt Gary Trudeau will “guest toon” for Chris—not that Chris would ever risk lowering his qualitative equity with such a request. Besides, Gary’s probably too busy trying to make a scandal out of the fact that President Bush’s bladder may actually work normally.

So if you’re in my audience, and by some cruel twist of fate have not yet read Day By Day. Do so. While the rest of us bloggers attempt to emerge as some kind of pseudo-Maximus in the coliseum of blogospheric spectacle, Chris Muir very quietly takes the culture war to what is possibly the true front line: The American refrigerator door. I know nothing I write will end up there.

Now go and read it.

--The Therapist

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