Friday, September 16, 2005

Coverage Of Zellweger, Chesney Wedding Longer Than Marriage

New York--With only a few cryptic clues as to why they are splitting, actress Renee Zellweger and conutry music star Kenny Chesney are calling it quits on their four-month martial stint.

Many in broadcast and print media are not pleased.

"We are still packing up our camera cables from the St. John island region," said one media member. "It takes a lot of work to cover a power couple like that. They could have at least stayed married until we got back to the contiguous United States. We still have producers in St. Croix."

Zellweger's on-paper explanation for the split is little more than a cryptic and ambiguous "fraud," leaving pundits and media analysts guessing.

"We don't think Kenny Chesney lip-synchs," noted one analyst. "But we're not sure."

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