Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Grafitti Eradication Team Accidentally Sandblasts Sistine Chapel

Roman Gang Task Force graffiti eradicators' take-no-prisoners approach to
"tag removals" may have them at cross purposes with the Vatican. Here, Michaelangelo's
Last Judgement has already been erased confusing the throngs of admirers below.

Rome--Gang-enforcement division of graffiti eradicators are under investigation for expunging a majority of Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel work before being stopped by authorities.

"Somehow, the Roman Gang Task Force managed to cross-interpret The Creation of Man--primarily the finger of God with Adam's to some polemical gang flash reminiscent of the American Crips and Bloods," said one authority. "Problem is, they started at The Last Judgement, and just went crazy from there."

Gang Task Force officials would not go on record with comments, but did intimate that even Michaelangelo's works can be deemed graffiti in the broad definition of the term.

"It's just legal graffiti, comissioned by the Pope," said one. "What do you want us to do, fall down and cry, citing some obscure wrinkle in the semantics?"

Sources say that the team was originally scheduled to clean up "aesthetic incongruities" with the Sphinx, but has had to postpone their commission to answer questions regarding a syntax cleanup on the Rosetta Stone.

"We're just doing our jobs," said one.

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