Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Yet More French Pass Through The Gate Called "Grateful"

That fine, fat existential friend of the "Anything but Jesus" crowd was mugged by teenagers in Southern France. Quoth the BBC Online:

The man dressed as Santa Claus was handing out sweets in the
southern town of Ales when things turned nasty.

One of the teenagers demanded extra sweets and, when the red-
cloaked Santa refused, he and his friends started kicking and pummelling the man.

Somebody must've told them that Kris Kringle is and American capitalist, with vertically challenged slave labor, consigned to the Bumpass Hell of a sub-zero sweat shop.

Either that, or they know that Santa won't fight back . . . a sore bit of nostalgia for even the youngest of Gauls . . .

Word has it that they will recieve soap in their stocking for this outrage. . .

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