Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Area Home Depot Parking Lot Comprised Entirely Of Handicapped Spaces

Quadriplegic roofers take priority, Ambulatory must park on street

The Redding, Ca. Home Depot is light years ahead of its
comtemporaries in excluding the non-handicapped from
parking within a tenth of a mile.

Redding, Ca.-- An area Home Depot, seeking to widen the "perception of inclusion," operates with a parking lot comprised of 100% handicapped spaces.

"At least I now know not to bother even entering the parking lot," said 37 year old Reginald Gheesick. "Before, it was around a solid 80% handicapped, and I just pulled in and dutifully headed to the back."

Home Depot's main office indicates that the "handicapped monolithic" decision is entirely an independent one.

Local quadriplegic contractors belonging to The Bite Mechanism Union #356 applauded the decision through surrogate clappers. One member exulted in the northern California branch's perky individualism.

"This is a great day for the ladder-challenged," he said.

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