Thursday, January 27, 2005

Air America Gains Listener

The liberal talk radio mothership, Air America, reported today that they had made a net gain of a listener today.

Conservative critics of Al Franken's project had predicted that "by now, he would have lost a listener."

Franken: incendiary wit
gains him a listener

Franken had words for his arch-nemesis, Rush Limbaugh, too.

"You're a big fat idiot." he said, to spontaneous applause by a couple other people, noting his raptor-like comedic reflexes when queried about the listener.

"He's a total crack-up" said one of his other listeners. "Only a true comedic genius could make an on-the-spot reference to his own book title, while intelligently deconstructing that Nazi gas-bag, Limbaugh."

Franken recently traversed American military bases in Iraq with the USO Tour, which still reverberates in hysterics with his "break-away burka" joke.

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