Wednesday, June 20, 2012

About The Absence

Every once in a blue moon, it seems, I manage to fire up the desire to be back over here. But something just keeps me from doing so in general.

I think, ultimately, what happened to me was this: 2008 was discouraging to me on many levels. Say what you will about hope, I just firmly believe that my country committed suicide in November of that year.

Satire, to me, was only feasible when the insanity seemed manageable--when the fibrous tumor of statism and government malfeasance seemed to have mitigating undercurrents.

I am just too pessimistic to joke about it. Obama must be stopped. Perhaps, a Romney administration's temporary morphine injections to our metasticization will make satire do-able again.

That does not mean I am bitter, or angry. I just leave the political fights to the heavy-hitters Like Michelle, Ace, and Hotair. I also cruise over and watch Charles Johnson clown himself with his constant "ooh, rogue commenters discredit an entire site" buffoonery.

Anyone interested in my Active blogging (and have any penchant for fly-fishing whatsoever) can find me here;

A Tenkara Journey

I won't say this site is a complete non-restarter, just not in my immediate purview.

Those that still check back here, God bless you.


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