Friday, October 31, 2008

Korir: "Blocking Your IP Addresses Will Save My Credibility."

Norway--African press International Chief Editor Korir, stated today that "any and all critics who dare make fun of, impugn, or take umbrage with" the editor's flailing credibility in the wake of his claims that he possesses tapes of Michelle Obama "will be blocked in order for me to regain the momentum of my honor."

Korir claims that he is in possession of a tape bearing the voice of Mrs. Obama, allegedly making "explosive statements that could lead the United States to a Constitutional crisis."

Mr. Korir's credibility suffered a setback Wednesday evening, when an unknown quantity, only referring to themselves as "The Therapist" temporarily assumed the avatar identity of Mr. Korir, and posted even more implausible time lines, claims, and hyperboles.

"Many people in the forum now no longer know who is real, and who is not,"said Korir. "Thankfully, we are rid of him. We blocked him. Sure, he got back in on a proxy server and told everyone that FOX News would carry the story last night, but I have rectified that. Now we can wait for the truth to come out."

The Therapist declined comment.

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