Tuesday, October 28, 2008

African Press Editor Says Network Re-Splicing Tape "Taking Longer Than Expected"

Twelve-million pieces "broken down by syllable, for secure shipping", says Korir

Norway--The Chief Editor of the Arican Press International, S. Korir, stated early Tuesday that the only thing standing in between the network and the airing of the much-anticipated Michelle Obama tapes, was a simple but laborious re-splicing of the audio to make it machine compatible once again.

"Because of contractual obligations," says Korir, "we were forced to break the tape down syllable by syllable, making sure that the forces of darkness do not prevail in securing this information for ultimate suppression."

Another presumed member of the staff, only identifying them self as "Cloud," concurred.

"I have been in constant phone contact with Mr. Korir," she said. "And I can tell you that he is under great personal and financial duress for this, this brave and selfless non-releasing of the tapes. I just want to assure Rosebud and Cumulus that my cryptic, convolutions and non-informational updates will see this through."

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