Monday, September 05, 2005

Analysts Fear Nagin's Death Toll Estimations Could Increase

Reuters—As the broken levee in New Orleans was coming into repair, many analyst expressed fear that new Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, could substantially increase his unqualified guesses as to the number of dead left in the city.

"While we expected the guesses to continue to augment," said one analyst, "We did not expect it to increase with such exponential force."

Nagin had first estimates the dead to be anywhere from the high hundreds, to as many as 1,000. Since that time he has revised his numbers to be upwards of 10,000 possible dead.

Observers say Nagin could revise his guesses to rise as high as a million potentially dead people in New Orleans alone.

"We hope not," said one observer. "We don't have the hypothetical resources to retrieve that many possibly dead people."

This post dedicated to loyal reader Cristy, in Valencia.

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