Thursday, April 07, 2005

People Happy With Schiavo's Death Also Angry About Memo Happy About Them Being Happy With Schiavo's Death

Washington--The now-vetted and infamous "talking points memo" concerning the judicial handling of the Terri Schiavo case is still raising concerns amongst those who rejoiced when she succumbed lack of food and water.

The memo, now shown to be written by a legal counsel to Republican senator Mel Martinez, indicates that those happy about repeated judicial refusals to feed Mrs. Schiavo would lose political capital down the road to those not happy about it.

"What we have here, is a memo showing that the republicans believe good things can come from bad things," said one democratic activist. "This is supremely outrageous, because we think Terri's death was a good thing. Who are they to extrapolate bad things from our judicial victory?"

Republicans counter that democrats would not be complaining about a memo that says "a good thing will stem from this good thing," and that they know Terri Schiavo's death at the hands of judge Greer has reverberating value. "Thus this is a bad thing by proxy," said one republican.

"How stupid can you look, presiding over the death of a human being, and then trying to fan the flames of controversy over a semantic issue?" asked one strategist. "Let me school these people in why nobody cares about this controversy. The left and their bloodlust to defeat the pro-life contingent killed her, and the right says, we'll use what we tried to prevent against them later. Seems to us the controversy would have been valid if we killed her and then tried to leverage a political coup out of it. These people are the ones in a persistent, vegetative state, not Terri Schiavo."

Democrats say that the republicans are "merely interloping" their victory, and that "any attempt to forge a good thing out of a good thing" will be viewed by the public as political suicide. The most brilliant minds of the left agree.

"George W. Bush is very shrewdly trying to gain in the polls by his attempts to intervene in this matter," said one analyst. "The very fact that his ratings have plummeted proves that he is in this for political gain, and has no core convictions."

Polls also indicate that the public believes the President to be riding the wave of an unpopular issue to ultimate political hegemony for the republicans.

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