Monday, March 14, 2005

Atheist Newdow Under Rampage Surveillance

Angered by loss of court case, Sermon on Mount

Atheist Newdow (left), is thought to be harboring a "justifiable
firearm rampage in his heart" in the wake of his recent
legal defeats, as well as something Jesus said (right)in Matthew,
chapter 5.

Washington--Litigation-weary Michael Newdow, is under "rampage surveillance" in the wake of his recent losses at the hands of the United States Supreme Court.

"There is always the potential for a destructive, suicidal rampage when somebody doesn't get their way," said one psychological expert. "

Newdow is best known for successfully convincing the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the use of the phrase "Under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. It was later rebuffed by the US Supreme Court. Experts worry that his legal failures could be mounting internally like a pressure cooker, as in the recent case of a Wisconsin parishioner who killed seven, as well as himself at his local place of worship. Some believe his own personal deficits may have been a point of departure.

Friends of Newdow also claim that he was "extremely angered" by something in the Sermon on the Mount, although none were able to clarify exactly what it is. Experts believe it may not be "anything specific" but the aggregate effects of scripture that could set off a walking time bomb.

"The sum total of religious dialogue--particularly that of forgiveness, redemption, and love, can become an insurmountable pressure to an atheist," said one expert. "So while some in the congregation may try to draw a distinct causal effect between 'blessed are the meek," and any upcoming atheistic rampages with a high-powered rifle, it may only actually be the catalyst to a much larger issue."

Others warn that provable causality could result in courts ruling against God in church, as it provides "an offensive, judgmental atmosphere" for attending atheists.

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