Thursday, October 11, 2007

Harry Reid Proposes Military Action Against Circa-1918 Turkey

"We must stop these radicals before they strike again in 83 years," he says

Reid: WWI terrorists worst nightmare?

Washington--Stating that "exigent circumstances" warrant immediate action, Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, has publicly called on the Bush Administration to "retroactively stop" the World War I Armenian Genocide, publicly condemned by the House of representatives on Thursday.

"While this administration sits around spying on its own citizens, the circa-1918 Armenian people are being killed by radical Islamic factions," he said. "Certainly this underscores the need for regime change here, even if nothing else did prior."

Reid also noted that the current Republican administration "doesn't have the guts" to take on Islamic radicals perpetrating violence nearly 90 years ago.

"And if they don't like what I'm saying, I dare any perpetrator of that violence to come after me," he said. "Because, quite frankly, I could care less if I offend some 120 year-old fundamentalist. This is bigger than me or my Senate career. And if this crusade costs me votes with my WWI constituency, then so be it."

Reid also proposed a temporary sales tax increase to fund what he tentatively calls an "Armenian Tribunal," a kind of World Court that will be set up to prosecute "any remaining vestiges" of the Armenian genocide perpetrated by circa-1918 Islamic Turks flying under the banner of their WWI military labels.

"I'm putting those responsible for 90-year-old genocide on notice.” Said Reid. “We’re coming for you. And let that be a lesson to those that perpetrated the September 11th, 2001 attacks as well. The Congress of 2092 is waiting to take you on.”

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