Friday, December 01, 2006

Red Bluff Is Neither

Look, anybody can make one of these blogs, replete with boilerplate templates, run-of-the-mill archetypical backgrounds, and hapless attempts to preach to an oversaturated choir.

Also, it takes no real talent to do the things I do here, which lately has been geared to offend:

1) Radical Muslims
2) Sychophantic moderate Muslims who silently cheer when Israelis lose kids in cafe explosions.
3) People who think Ron Howard did a brave thing by making a movie taking on Jesus Christ, but can't explain why he's ignoring Salmon Rushdie's phone calls.
4) Abortion mill cheerleaders.
5) Pit Bull apologists.
6) Hillary Glommers
7) Everybody else.

Really. Sure, maybe I have a certain flare for the ironic. Maybe I possess a twisted prism through which I shine my larger points. But if you think about it, I'm attacking issues of national interest. Therefore, I have at least an outside hope that my inertia will rope in some kind of mutual respect that rises above the sometimes-plethoric hate mail I recieve.

But what about that certain individual that can take issues that are forever galvanized with the constraints of local, indigeounous interest and light them up to a point that an outsider would want to visit the venue on which they focus? How many can do that?

Well, now I know one. And she's got a good thing going over there at Red Bluff is My Town. Yes, she's a friend of mine, and yes, she imperils the allegiance of her entire core audience by even admitting she reads this blog. I've warned her that I'm human Plutonium. But hey, she actually went out on Black Friday and hung out with PS3 people. So she's teflon at the outset anyway.

Yup. She's one of the brave ones. Go there now, and see what a real hometown sense of humor laced with admiration can accomplish.


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