Monday, November 07, 2005

Light Blogging--Yet Again

I have to admit it. I have deliberately stayed away from the news lately.

I think it healthy to sometimes place ones head in the sands of haitus. Right now is one of those times for me. Despite the fact that the media is on the run, their continual negativity and manaical bloodlust to bring down a wartime President makes me physically ill.

I'll be posting intermittently. I actually ramped up a clever little bit about the French riots, posted it, and then discovered that Blogspot was in the middle of some kind of repairative measures. I wound up losing every single thing I wrote on the matter.

If I can give a bit of sage advice, it would be this: always write your drafts in MS Word, or some other word processor, with continual saves. Then cut and paste the stuff into your blog field. Sure, sure, I'm probably coming off as a condescending simpleton, but I just thought I'd say it anyway.

But as to media mania. I just purchased an arctic white Fender Stratocaster with an unvarnished maple neck/fingerboard. The thing is absolutely stunning.

Couple that with the Fender, "Blues Junior" amp I'm going to buy this afternoon, and you've just got one humdinger of a reason to ignore the wolves for now. As it sits, I'd rather play guitar and sing, and record my music than watch Terry Moran act like he's the savior of the populace, and that his primary superpower is a decoder ring set to "boomer arrogance."

I'm not checking out or anything. I just think the endless immersion in things I have no ultimate control over to be dangerous. My wife and kids could care less if I go to bat for Karl Rove, and would prefer I save my emotional currency for them.

I happen to agree.

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