Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wow, I'm Glad I Have Experts To Explain This To Me

Sometimes, those of us down here in the cognitive steerage compartment just have to realize that the ones buttressing their martini's with iceberg shards on the lido deck are just plain cut from better stock.

Take this Breitbart article, for instance. Had it not been for the aggregate brain power of experts, I would have had no idea that President Bush suffers from political weaknesses indemic to a second term:
Many experts argue Bush is suffering from the second term syndrome -- as presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton famously did with various scandals and affairs.

But wait. Just in case that wasn't clear enough. Council on Foreign Relations schmuck, and political expert, Russell Mead, weighs in with wisdom that could split the political atom:
"They become more of a lame duck, the people in Congress and the Senate realize they are running for re-election but the president is not, so the political fortunes start to diverge," he added.

I know I've been enlightened. I know better than to try and leave my first estate, shoveling the coal. Now I'm going to have to reevaluate my pro-life views, along with my disbelief in evolution.

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