Monday, October 31, 2005

"Plame Affair" Takes Early Lead In 2006 Loggerheads

120,000:1 Legless wonder "completely tireless," say insiders

Experts say "Plame Affair's"(foreground) 120,000 to one odds
have not deterred the plethoric queue of democrats wagering for her
ultimate victory.

Washington—As the 2006 Loggerheads kicked off last week, all attention focused on what many still consider to be an outlier--an apparent wildcard named "Plame Affair."

The horse's main liability? It has no legs.

With odds set at 120,000 to one, many would wonder why so many democratic wagerers are lining up to lay their bets at the feet of a horse that doesn't have them. Many are quick to answer.

"We are operating under the Neitzian bromide that what does not kill us only makes us stronger," said one key democrat. "We also believe that Karl Rove sawed the legs off this horse. In so doing he has only strengthened our equestrian resolve. We will ride this horse to ultimate victory."

"Plame Affair" took an early lead heading out the gates, jockeyed by the diminutive-yet-skillful Joe Wilson, who to this day contends that the horse has "covert legs," that could possibly be the victorious infusion needed to achieve a finish line consummation.

"Joe's a bit touchy about the rendering process," said one insider to the 2006 race. "But he's got the mettle to ride this thing out to the end. Quite frankly this ride pales in comparison to the poor midget having to rein around that appalling 'Camp Casey' mare. That one's gonna lose big time."

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