Thursday, October 27, 2005

Liberals Best Be Ready To Lose Big Time

I still stand by my prediction that Karl Rove will be indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald. My suspicions are only now supported by the fact that there will be no announcement "until Friday." This leaves talk radio unprepared out of the defensive loop for two full days, and leaves all the Watergate-amorous reporters with the whole thing.

But--the libs better understand something. If they indict Rove, Bush may be publicly deferential, but he will hopefully realize that he got a fight whether he wanted one or not. He best shove an obvious conservative down their throat now--and shove with all his might.

I also truly believe indictments will result in big wins for the Republicans. And please don't anguish over the "but Clinton was reelected despite the obvious crookery in his administration," stuff, because Bill Clinton is not the reason Bill Clinton got elected. Ross Perot is.

I take no pleasure in the Miers withdrawl, only in the respect that it was done prior to any indictments. Beyond that. I have nothing else to say.

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