Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Do Not Take Drugs

By Boy George,
Guest Columnist

I think that those that say I take drugs really really want to hurt me--they really really want to make me cry.

I believe in first impressions. Take a look at me. Does my demeanor speak to the application of mind altering drugs? I think not!

Also, remember to read this while picturing a high voice and British accent. It imputes an itelligence to my discussion not actually there.

Back to the drug charges. Do you realize that accusations alone are many times more destructive than the truth. Are you aware that the conventional wisdom out there falsely believed I was gay? Do you also realize the overcorrecting public behavior I've had to undertake just to give some balance to the frenzy? I worked at a lumber mill for a while. problem was, I forgot to take off my Culture Club outfit.

Now I am gay.

But I do not take drugs.

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