Monday, November 14, 2005

Poll: Most Americans Believe Ibuprofen Posed Imminent Threat To Inflammation When Clinton Bombed Sudan

Mortally-wounded night janitor prevented from 9/11 involvements through executive resolve

Washington--As his criticism of President Bush surges in the polls, other data shows an increasing faith in former President Clinton's belief that that Sudanese Ibuprofen posed an "imminent threat" to inflammation, and that his decision to bomb the pharmaceutical plant the same day of Monica Lewinky's grand jury testimony was "pure leadership."

Many also see the mortal wounding of a lone night janitor inside the plant as a "decapitative tactical maneuver," which could have possibly lessened the effects of the attacks on September 11th, 2001, by preventing his involvements with the conspiracy, should he have ever met the masterminds behind the plot.

A Washington Journal/New York Searchlight poll indicates that most Americans (63%) believe the grand jury investigations into the president were "attempts to undermine a wartime president," during the few minutes that Mr. Clinton was attacking the Ibuprofen with 13 cruise missiles.

The poll also indicates that most believe (73%) that Mr. Bush "deliberately manipulated" intelligence that, not only attempts to downplay the effects of anti-inflammatory medication, but also sought to do it against the backdrop of weapons-grade plutonium found in Iraq.

"This is called the politics of contrast," said on political expert. "This president, by not cheating on his wife, clears the way for all the required machinations needed to make the case for war. The American people are going to sit by and allow Mr. Bush to rid the world of global terrorism protracted to destroy Israel and the United States while allowing anti-diarrhea medication to slip across our borders unfettered. These polls show just that."

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