Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bush's Unpopularity Cited In Stunning Incumbent Takeover

Bush-snubbing Schwarzeneggar's proposition losses deemed politically damaging to Bush

Washington—As democrats seized control of two gubernatorial seats previously held by democrats, many see a "sea change," poised to roll over the Republicans in the 2006 mid-term elections.

"Whenever you see democrats holding on to a democratic seat, that can literally be interpreted as a net retention of that seat," said one political expert. "This moment in time could literally go down in history as an incumbent revolution."

In California, where governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s ballot-measures fell to unanimous defeat, things are not looking well for Bush.

"This is particularly thin ice for Bush," said one expert. "Here you have a liberal Republican who snubs Bush during the most recent opportunity for public contact. Defeat for the Governor can only be seen as a referendum on Bush."

Others say that Republican victories, such as Mayor Mike Bloomberg's landslide in New York, are also harbingers of sorrow for Bush.

"This can be a bit complicated to the laity," said one expert. "But whenever you see a major political landslide for a Republican inside the major metropolitan apex of a blue state, it just augurs ill for that party nationwide. Bloomberg's touchdown against the home team now will result in a game loss ultimately."

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