Wednesday, November 16, 2005

People Who Want To Harm Bush Presidency Concerned Karl Rove Harming Bush Presidency

Say unindicted status a "political millstone"

Washington--Leading pundits in the beltway, most of whom would like to see President Bush's presidency brought down, are now registering concerns that Bush's agenda may be hindered by the continued presence of Karl Rove.

Rove is Bush's leading strategist, and is considered by many to be perhaps the most brilliant one since the advent of the late Lee Atwater. His most recent public involvements include the CIA leak probe, in which Rove was rendered unindicted by Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. Critics of the administration say it is the exculpatory nature of the non-charges against Rove that make him "politically radioactive."

"In the name of the character and honesty we've always said Bush didn't have," Bush should let him go," said ABC News Correspondent, Terry Moran. "To concede to uncharged allegations is where a true statesman would lay his credibility."

Others say that Rove could "virtually destroy" any and all respect for America in the world "we have tirelessly tried to undermine ourselves."

"He should do what's best for the country, and lose Rove," said one Washington insider. "It's extremely cavalier and callous, to just go about not firing people not indicted of anything."

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